Olabisi Q. Olatundun, born in the 70’s with a burning passion for teaching. Taught English language, Literature in English and Government to WAEC/Jamb students from 2004 to 2016. Taught Communication Skills, Information Technology and Management Information Technology to ATSI,ATSII and PE I of ICAN students from 2008 to 2014. Currently work as in a Fish Manufacturing as production assistant. My hobbies include “Walk in the forest”, Skywatch, Reading, “Football watching”. I am passionate about metaverse, cultural design, community development, techprenueural,


RESILIENCE TECHPRENUEUR THIS is a enterprise meant to be a consultancy and support going concern as it is meant to be a double edge sword. From me, it is a expression of a passion. A life long ambition to be supportive by sharing knowledge acquired over close to 50 years of existence. RT is to assist fledgling generation in all aspect as the are found wanting and needed support Motivational Speaking: through a series of webinar, videos, audio, seminars, podcast blogging encouraging nuggets are shared on a stipulated duration. Feedback and collated in order to give tailored made nuggets and reduce generalised nuggets


LIFE COACH: This is meant to focus on psychological and social development on younger generation by making available fatherly and motherly knowledge boundaring on cultural, situational, circumstances maneuvering etc. This ensure having multiple scenarios of how life unfolds

MENTORING This is providing path to tread and or being supportive on the totally of path individual is treading or wishes to tread

ANGEL INVESTMENT Looking out for idea at the paper stages and off the cuff or on the Spur. And with the support from Mentoring department and techprenueural department, ideas are groom to fruition.

TECHPRENUEURALSHIP This is a passion for building businesses that are technologically oriented. As the world keeps evolving with current and emerging technologies, it is obvious new online/Internet/Web 3 will become mainstream even when it doesn’t dislodge regularly/ Physical businesses. With support from Mentoring department and Angel Investment development, business new business is in safe hand