The journey started with the dream of becoming a disc jokey on the streets of Agege, a suburb in Lagos Nigeria. Then was the inquisition of becoming the man behind the multi channeled console also known as AUDIO MIXER. This was in 2002. The movement continued at a media agency called ATSOM media owned by the famous Ambrose Olutayo Somide currently the General Manager of Ray Power FM Nigeria. After becoming a trained sound engineer, I proceeded in working with Akin Akindele, an independent Radio Presenter whom I became his inhouse producer between 2006 and 2013. RADIO PRODUCTION IN PROGRESS In the course of working with Akin Akindele’s Desk, I produced programs like 1. Suppy Mystery Shoppers – A creative program that goes into the open markets, scouts for random buyers of Suppy (a seasoning cube), reward them and bring them back to the studio to come and air their experience. 2. Child Comfort Radio – an health program that talks about pregnant women and neonates. 3. The Hausa, Yoruba and pidgin version of Suppy Mystery Shopper 4. Wazobia on Star FM – A 1hour comical magazine program Amidst many.AS GUEST ON A RADIO SHOW I later delved into advertising where I exhibited my knowledge in the creative world of ATL (above the line) BTL (below the line) and some time it’s TTL (through the line) During my days in the advertising world, I did experiential for brands like Guineas Nigeria, Nigeria Breweries, Pernod Ricard, PZ, Unilever, JTI, BAT amidst many more. The pandemic birthed great opportunity to learn and explore other parts of my core which were blogging and Graphical works. These are a few of the things I can do and I hope it fits perfectly for your desires Thank you




iCed Phoenix and Parakeet was registered as a company under the laws of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria in 2018. The purpose was to delve into the creative Experiential world, helping brands to solve problems but later grew into full media arm by creating other sub Companies. During the COVID 19 lockdown era, the world was bored and we needed to make it easy for people to access information easily hence the need to start an online Radio station. This started with Phoenix 17 FM Naija then manifested into the full breath of Nigeria by catering to the 3 major languages in Nigeria likewise the 2 main religion in Nigeria. These are: Phoenix 17 FM Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa likewise Phoenix 17 FM Gospel and Islam. These are platforms that are ready to transform into terrestrial broadcasting houses.

BRANDOPHIN- Our object Branding arm will not be left out as we have supervised and created branding effects for not so little companies in Nigeria. We have branded for Companies like : AP Ardova, Rant HQ, Rant HQ Real Estate amidst many.

ZEHOLA.BLOGSPOT – This arm, caters to all ams every form of writing, from feature writing, research writing, News writing and so on. The idea was to make it easy for interested audience to access information swiftly.

KHALAZ FASHION – The fashion world is huge enough to explore hence the need to tap into this sphere. We launched our colour blocked vintage shirts for men in the summer of 2023.

MOPHO – As broad as the fashion world, here comes the birth of our Urban Section where we cater to people’s need in regard to Urban Wears. Hoodies, tee shirts, boots and many more